Residential Roofing

Your roof is probably the most costly component of your home. It protects you, your family and friends from adverse weather elements. That's why you must have a professional and experienced residential roofing service and repair company to deal with your roof repairs. Many homeowners make the mistake of selecting a roof repair company by searching Google and picking the first or second contractor which comes up. This is simply not the best way to find a reliable roof repair company. The truth is, you must do lots of research before you try to select the best roofing service for any project. Picking just any roofing company could result in even more roof problems and cause permanent devaluation of your property. Here is why you need to choose a professional and experienced roof service and repair company for all of your roof repair needs.

House with new roof

The very first thing to check is if the roofer is licensed to operate in your area. Does the company have adequate insurance policies? In fact, a reliable roofer should carry worker's compensation coverage and at least $1 million liability insurance. Be sure to look into the insurance certificate of a company before hiring them. There are many cheap firms that operate without adequate insurance though they advertise their service as fully insured. This can be quite dangerous since you might be on the hook for a much larger expense if something fails along the way. Get an estimate from 2-3 reliable roofers in your community before choosing a company. Oftentimes, professional roofers will offer free estimates. Do insist on warranties which cover flashing failures, leaks, along with other labor-related defects. A professional roofer will give you at least a one-year warranty which needs to be the minimum to accept when selecting the best contractor. Cin-Day Roofing provides a 5 (gold) and 10 (platinum) service/labor warranty.

The crew must be trained to repair all kinds of roofing systems and they need to have extensive experience in the business. A quality company will employ highly knowledgeable and skilled roofing technicians who are able to immediately identify malfunctions and repair them properly in order to save you money and avoid future headaches. The crew ought to be professional, courteous, and comply with the property codes and regulations in your community. They need to have the right tools and safety equipment when repairing or maintaining your roof. These are generally important things to look for when selecting a professional and experienced roofing service and repair company.

This is where our professional and experienced roofing company can help. We are one of the most reputable roofing company - highly rated by our customers as well as those in the industry throughout the community. We offer free estimates and never demand a deposit. Our expert team will arrive at your house, inspect the roof, diagnose the trouble/s, and present the very best solution to the problem/s. Our rates are always affordable compared to our competitors. We make every effort to provide 100% client satisfaction at all times. Our expert team now offers 24/7 emergency roof repairs. It is for these reasons that you can trust us for your roofing service and repair requirements.