Our firm has been providing residential roofing services for many years, and our customers have come to rely on our reputable and reliable work for their roofing needs. However, we quite often receive questions regarding roof installations, repairs, and restoration. That’s why we created this FAQ section to help you answer some of the common questions on roofing. For those who have more inquiries about our services, you can email us through our website or call us anytime at 513.291.0857.


How can you be sure when your roof has problems or needs replacing?

Nearly everyone knows they may have roof problems when they notice a leak or when a roof is damaged by severe weather. This is quite unfortunate, due to the fact that oftentimes, you might have a leaking roof and never even know about this for a while. That’s why it’s always smart to look at the roof space periodically for leaks and any damage that may be cropping up.

A leaking roof, when left unchecked for an extended period of your time, could exacerbate damages and cause extra costs in repairs and replacements. Because of this, it’s worth checking your roof regularly to find and resolve any problems as soon as possible. Professional roofing contractors may help assess your roof and help in keeping it in proper shape.

What are my alternatives for roofing as a substitute or for a new roof over a new build?

In relation to replacing a roof, you will find generally two options:

  1. A complete roof replacement, which usually entails eliminating the entire existing roof and after that replacing each one of the components, including air barrier, insulation, vapor retarder, roof membrane, etc.
  2. Re-covering the entire roof is a process sometimes called a reroof. This typically involves layering new material like shingles on the top of existing roof, also it can simply be done once. What this means is it’s never an option for homes with over one layer of roofing.
Can my residential roofing be repaired generally if I have a leak or damage in just one area?

Yes, as long as the roofing is intact as well as in great condition (not past its expected lifespan). Older roofs with multiple leaks and widespread issues such as damaged underlying structures or damaged insulation will normally need to be replaced. However, problems like cracked, missing, curling, or broken tiles or shingles could be repaired to prevent a leak.

Just what is the price of repairing or replacing a roof?

The price will be different depending on the type of roof you have, the roof’s pitch, and also the condition of the roof. You could give us a call for a free estimate on the repair or replacement costs. Take into account that for each form of roof material, there are several grades, many different shapes and designs, and various prices. You may need to check out the entire product range and then make your decision according to your needs and budget.

How much time do roof replacements take?

Well, every roof is unique and replacing it will take between a couple of days to a few weeks, usually determined by the dimensions of your roof and the volume of work that needs to be done.

How many times should a roof be inspected?

A yearly roof inspection is usually recommended, even when there haven't been any visible forms of damage or other issues. Still, you ought to schedule an inspection following things such as:

  • Extreme weather events like tropical storms, high winds, a tornado, or after having a hurricane
  • A hot summer or when we have seen an extreme variations in temperature. The reason being the roof is contracting and expanding a lot more than normal, which may cause cracks.
  • Just before the raniy season, specifically if you haven't done any recent inspection, to ensure repairs can be completed ahead of time.
Will my new roof covered under any warranty?

Yes. The roofing materials manufacturer will typically give you a warranty period ranging from 10 to 30 years depending on the materials used. Furthermore, certain contractors will even offer additional warranties on roof installations as evidence of their good quality craftsmanship. Cin-Day Roofing offers a 10-year labor warranty to give you peace of mind.