Roofing Services

The roofing of your home plays an important role in preserving the security, safety and value of your home. For the roof itself, its life will depend upon the experience of the installers, the grade of products the professional roofer decides to use, as well as your maintenance habits.

Our firm takes pride in our dedication to the craft and the performance history we have gained in providing top-notch roofing services to our customers. We can help you with roof installation, repair service, replacement, and practically anything that is relevant to your roofing system requirements.

Roof installation

Roof Replacement

Changing your roof can have a remarkable impact not only by adding years of protection against the elements, but also in improving the visual allure of your house. If you're thinking about replacing your roof, you are entitled to a broad item option, personalization and customization choices, a perfect fitting installation, as well as post-installation service warranties. We can provide premier roof covering replacement services, all backed by the expertise of our professional roofer.

Roof Leak Repair

A leaking roof is only bound to get worse. That's why it's crucial to take care of any type of leakages the minute you identify them. Putting off the repair work will just create many headaches and additional costs down the road. Our specialists will identify and isolate the leakage and then fix it quickly, professionally, and effectively. Regardless of the size of the dripping issue, we can get you back to dry conditions quickly.

Roof Inspection

To maintain your roof covering in the very best condition, it's advised that you arrange at least one annual roofing inspection with a professional service provider. A yearly inspection will let you determine any little problems that could arise to ensure that you handle them before they develop into big issues. These assessments will not just keep your house protected for years to come, but will also allow you to get the maximum life expectancy out of your roof.

New Roof Installations

An appropriately planned and installed roofing system will enhance the beauty of your home, while shielding you, your family members, and your residential property in style. It doesn't matter the kind of roofing product you choose, we are committed to installing a high-quality roof that will last you for many years. We also back up our installations with a guarantee along with the limited life-time guarantees supplied by the majority of manufacturers.

The Tasks We Carry Out During Service

Adding shingles to new roof

Plywood Replacement

Prior to changing your roof, the old materials will need to be removed right down to the plywood. Don't be shocked if it takes a while before you see your brand-new roof installed. We'll also let you know in advance how much plywood will cost if we establish that it needs to be replaced, and we'll find you the best offers from our collaborations with distributors and manufacturers.

Ladder Stabilizers / Standoff Protection

We always use standoffs and stabilizers to keep more than a couple hundred pounds off your gutters, which helps to safeguard the system while your roof is being changed.

Refuse Collection and Disposal

Whenever you do a roof repair or change your roofing system, it often tends to generate a lot of debris from old plywood, shingles, drip edge, nails, and so on. With our roof covering solution, we bring our own containers to the job site to throw away the trash. You do not have to provide your own or deal with the debris while the job is underway or when it's completed.

Roof Protection During Inclement Weather

Roofing jobs call for great weather conditions to finish safely and on time. In case it snows, rains, or the weather becomes sour, the job may be halted, but will continue once the weather gets better. As part of our service, we'll make all the needed plans to secure the job, basically taking the required precautions to protect your property in situation of severe weather conditions. You can trust us to make sure that the inside of your house, your roof, and your personal items will not be damaged by stormy weather.

Driveway and Landscape Protection

Roofing contractors need many equipment to get the job done. This means there will probably be ladders, tools, trucks, tables/benches, and even dumpsters for taking care of debris. We always make sure that we take the required preventative measures to ensure our equipment does not damage your home. And in the unlikely event that it does, we'll  correct any kind of damages caused.

Additional Services

Seamless gutter installation

Drip Edge Installation

A drip side is a safety metal sheath that fits around the edge of your roof to secure it from wetness damage. These are coming to be quite prominent among families, specifically in locations that experience hefty rainfall or snow.

Gutters Installation

Seamless gutters essentially relocate running water off the roofing safely away from the home's foundation. Whether your residence has a crawl space, cellar, or is built on a slab, you wouldn't want excess water to pool around the foundation of the house. Installing quality, smooth rain gutters will guarantee your home is safeguarded from the roofing run-off.

We provide a large selection of rain gutters to match the design of your home. We consider the pitch of your roof covering to avoid the problem of overflowing seamless gutters. We can also assist you to mount a gutter protection system to make sure that you do not need to clean your seamless gutters as often.


Also Offered

Roof installation

Free Written Estimates

We offer all our customers free written estimates for full roof or reroofs and set up. This consists of an on-site visit from one of our experts, an extensive evaluation of the required quantity of work, and also a proposal for repair.

Emergency Service

We have a full-time, fast-response group available 24/7 to supply you with emergency roofing services. When you call us, we'll be there to address your emergency needs as promptly and effectively as possible. Our team has many years of experience and insider knowledge therefore we can solve your roofing emergency situation both economically and promptly. Do you need our services now? Call 513.291.0857 right away!


Our roof projects provide a 5 year(gold) and 10 year(platinum) service warranty to give you peace of mind and assurance on your investment.